Members Draw

Roscommon Credit Union offers members an exciting opportunity to win a fabulous new car. So what are you waiting for? ….Why not sign up today!


Click here to download application form and drop it into our offices


How does the car draw work?

Our car draw takes place bi-annually in Summer and at Christmas.  The cost is €10 per draw, once you sign up to enter the draw you are included until you sign out of the draw.  The winners are computer generated and the draw is overseen by an Garda Siochana each time.


How do I enter the draw?

To enter the draw, simply complete the application form available at our offices or email us at info@roscommoncreditunion.ie to place a request for an application form and we would be happy to post it out to you!


What are the terms and conditions of the draw?

  1. Participation in the draw is limited to members of Roscommon Credit Union Limited only. For the avoidance of doubt, the Credit Union’s Officers are not eligible to participate in the Members Car Draw.
  2. Entry to the draw constitutes unconditional acceptance of all rules pertaining to the draw as published herein or later amended.
  3. Draw entrants must be 18 years of age, or over, on the date of the first draw of the year.
  4. Only one entry per member is permitted.
  5. There will be a minimum of 2 draws annually. Each draw will have a minimum prize fund of €11,500 comprising one prize each of €10,000, €2,000 and €1,000 and more if the fund allows.
  6. Each draw will be conducted publicly and the Superintendent will be asked to send a member of the Garda to act as independent scrutineer.
  7. At each calendar year end, any funds remaining in the draw funds account will be awarded as prizes and cannot be carried forward to form part of a subsequent year’s prize fund unless otherwise approved by the Board.
  8. The entry fee is €20 per year for the draw; €10 per draw, but may be increased in future years.
  9. Closing date for receipt of applications is the day before each draw.
  10. Winners will be notified after the draw takes place. The names and photographs of the winners will be displayed on our website, in our branch offices, and across our social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 
  11. The application / authorisation to debit savings will continue automatically year after year unless cancelled in writing by the member.
  12. The Credit Union may at any time, and without giving prior notice or explanation, terminate further draws, and refund monies pro-rata to the members who contributed for that year. No interest will be added to such refund.
  13. Draw applicants must have a minimum share balance of €10 at the date the prize draw debit is processed. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are in place. There will not be a communication to warn of insufficient funds.
  14. Where draw applicants have arrears on their loan account(s) on the date the prize draw debit is processed, funds will be deducted but a prize will go against the loan arrears unless the arrears are cleared in full.
  15. Where a draw winner’s loan is in arrears, or is in default in carrying out any financial commitment or obligation to the Credit Union, the Credit Union reserves the right to withhold delivery of the prize until the arrears have been paid, or the default rectified. This also applies to a winner who has acted as guarantor for any account that is in arrears, or has defaulted in carrying out any financial commitment to the Credit Union. In such case, the winner will be notified of the outstanding amounts in writing. If within 21 days of the notification the winner has failed to comply with the requirements of the Credit Union in relation to the arrears / default, the Credit Union may pay to the member the net proceeds after deduction of such sums as are necessary to rectify the arrears / default.
  16. All prizes must be claimed within 90 days, otherwise the prize will be returned to the draw funds account, for distribution in a subsequent draw.
  17. All decisions of the Credit Union relating to this Cash Draw, including interpretation of the foregoing rules, or any matter pertaining to the draw, are final and are not subject to appeal.

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