Make Christmas extra special this year by styling your Christmas table just like the professionals!

We have teamed up with the very talented Michelle Fallon from Michellemadethis to help you create the perfect festive table setting to wow family and friends this Christmas! Here’s your step by step guide!

Colour and Theme – Begin with a theme in mind, a style or a colour, or both. Look around your dining room and look at what you’ve already got, use that as a base.  If you’re not too sure what to go for classic red and green always works well or shimmers of silver and gold for a more modern look.   Once you have decided on a colour theme start gathering your ‘props’ both at home and while you are out shopping.

Props – these are the things that give your table the WOW factor, the vintage candelabras handed down through your family, the turkey platter that belonged to your grandmother, the Waterford crystal glasses you got for a wedding present. Not only do they give the WOW factor but they create great stories to tell at the dinner table. 

We all have the “set” of glasses with one missing, like the time when Padraig and John had a fight and knocked it off the table smashing it into a million pieces, or the missing plate that “Santa” took but was found in the garden the following summer.  These are what make Christmas dinner different to every day dinners.  In addition to props you will need candles, napkins (paper or linen), place name settings and Christmas crackers, depending on your guests this may vary. 

Be prepared – in the weeks coming up to Christmas practice the look of your table. Take a photo of it and pack everything away in one place.  This is what shop stylists do so every shop display looks the same.  That way there’s no running around Christmas day wondering where you put the candles etc

Table Cloth – If you don’t have a table cloth or can’t find one big enough, go to Dunnes and buy a single or double white sheet. No one will know the difference once it’s ironed and set with all your props.

Centerpiece – Start with the center of the table. If you haven’t got a centerpiece you can either use a small wreath laid flat on the table with candles in the center or use a dinner plate.  Place three pillar candles on the plate and lay holly leaves and baubles around the base, instant center piece!  Then add your candles either side.  This will vary according to how you eat your dinner. Some people bring dinner to the table, in which case you will need plenty of space for the dishes, other people bring plated food to the table, so you can add more decoration.  If you don’t have candle sticks just pop tealights into odd glasses, we all have cupboards of them!  Sprinkle salt or sugar in the bottom and sit your tea light on top, the salt or sugar looks like snow but also makes it much easier cleaning the glass after.

Table Mats – If you are using table mats and they don’t fit in with your theme see if you can buy Christmas wrapping paper that is similar and just cover them for the day. You can also buy charger plates which give the layered look to a table. 

Crockery and Cutlery – Lay out the plates and glassware and finally the cutlery. Put the main course knife and fork either side of the charger plate, then put the starter knife and fork on the outside. Place the dessert fork at the top with the spoon above it.

Place Names and Napkins – Don’t forget the name place cards and napkins. Handwritten place cards give a personal touch. If you don’t have actual cards just cut a piece of white card from your Christmas card collection, tie them to each cracker or if you have plain baubles, buy a silver/gold marker and write the person’s name on the bauble and place on their dinner plate.   Napkins can just be folded on the table, or tied with a nice ribbon or if you want to go for the X Factor, get onto Mr Google and search “napkin folding tutorials”, there’s everything from Christmas trees to swans.

Lights – for that extra shimmer on your table buy some inexpensive battery operated fairy lights and strew them along the center of the table. Also a good alternative to candles if you have children at the table. 

Chairs – Once the table is complete you can also add some finishing touches to the chairs. Instead of placing the place name on the table why not add to the chair with a few sprigs of the Christmas tree tied to a bauble pinned or tied to the back of the chair.

We hope you enjoyed reading our festive blog, and it inspires you to create wonderful festive table settings this Christmas.

From all the team at Roscommon Credit Union Limited.

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